Top 5 tips to save on your grocery bill

Whether you are eating in or eating out – the grocery bill is always one of the biggest expenses you have. And with wages not going up but the cost of almost everything else sky rocketing, this means you really have to be careful how you spend your money when doing buying your groceries.

Food is more than just fuel but just as we don’t want to put the wrong stuff into our vehicles, we shouldn’t settle for the over processed, cheap options to feed ourselves. Take heart though, there are ways to stretch the food budget a little further allowing you to source good quality, healthy options and I have 5 top tips to save on your weekly food bill.

1. Have a list and a budget

This is a big one - always go into the supermarket with a list. Not only will you save heaps of time but a lot of money too as you won’t be running around buying items that you may not use at all (and there is nothing worse than wasting food).

Also set a budget for your shopping trip, withdraw the cash from an ATM and only take this money with you when you go shopping. Don’t take any other cash or cards with you so you can only spend what you allowed for in your budget.

2. Look for specials

When you are going up and down the aisles, keep a close eye on specials and if it is something you normally buy, grab one or two of the items for the pantry

And another tip – supermarkets carefully plan where they place products around the store. The items they promote are usually at eye-level, so take the time to check the shelves above and below for cheaper alternatives. This can make a big difference to your shopping bill.

3. Buy and cook in bulk

Buy in bulk when items are cheaper. Cut larger portions of meat into smaller packages so you only use what you need and keep the others frozen to use later on.

Cook a large batch of meals early in the week and freeze them to use as quick and easy leftovers. This can help avoid the last minute temptation of expensive takeaways later in the week.

4. Buy home brand

Switching to supermarket brands from private labels can bring significant savings. Supermarket brand groceries account for around 20 to 25% of grocery sales in Australia according to industry analysts. The good news is the reputation and quality of supermarket brands continues to improve and are often just as good as branded items.

And if you really want to save money, shop at Aldi as Aldi continues having the cheapest groceries overall compared to all the other supermarkets.

5. Check the unit price

Though not all grocery items are unit priced, big supermarkets and online grocery retailers must display the unit price and the unit of measurement of a grocery item alongside its selling price (unless the item is exempt).

Unit pricing makes price comparison easy by removing the need to calculate price differences across similar products sold in packages of varying shape and size, giving shoppers a ready reckoner for getting the best value for money.

So go on - try these really simple tips and let me know how you go!