March Activity - Boating and Brunch!

March has been and gone but not without the In House Studio folks getting out on the river for a wee bit of paddling!

I’ve talked before about the importance of being physically active and trying to include things that you love. I’m a huge fan of doing activities with friends, family and clients for the triple win: great physical activity for physical and mental health, social time with people you enjoy spending time with, and lots of laughs.

On the 31st March, twenty of us headed off to Studley Park boathouse in Kew where we each chose whether we wanted to canoe, kayak or row a boat. There was a mix of all three as we headed out onto the water to be active and have fun. A few of the bunch got off to a flying start and headed down the river a fair distance, some people made it to the bridge while others struggled to get far from shore or rowed in circles. Okay, it was me - I rowed in circles. I still had a good workout.… The verdict – lots of fun was had, and rowboats are harder than kayaking or canoeing – so next time it’s a kayak or canoe for this little duck!

Studley Park is a fantastic venue close to the city with picnic grounds, bush-walks, a range of boats for hire, a kiosk and a lovely café. Naturally after a strenuous time rowing one needs a little sustenance, so we made a beeline for the café where we enjoyed a delicious brunch.

After brunch we headed out for a very brief walk across the bridge – it is a truly lovely part of the world.

Next up is our June activity – not yet decided but we’re thinking an indoor activity is the go due to possible bad weather. Stay tuned for news… and in the meantime, get out and get moving!