Client of the Month March 2019

And the March client of the month is Liz.

Liz started her fitness journey with In House Studio Fitness in October 2018.

When asked what her top 3 fitness goals were at the time, Liz’s answer was to begin her exercise in the first week of contacting me, maintain her exercise for 2 weeks and to enjoy her exercise on-going. These may sound like easy goals for some people however starting an exercise program can be very daunting for many.

Well, Liz not only achieved all these goals very quickly but in the last 5 months she achieved even more! She has already improved her strength and is using heavier dumbbells…. And just recently she achieved a personal best time at Run Club and posted a 6.15 minute average in a 1k over a 5k run! These are outstanding achievements for someone who has been fitness training for a relatively short period of time.

In addition, Liz works super hard in every session and has come to love Early Bird sessions as a great way to kick off her day, and also ensures she fits her exercise priority into her day.

One of Liz’s passions is running. Secretly I think she loves running to the light pole. 😊

Finally, while Liz is a little bit quieter in classes than some of our other lovable ratbags, she is warm and supportive of everyone and is an absolute pleasure to have in our classes.

Congratulations Liz!!! Keep up the great work. I am so proud of you, and so glad you have joined our In House community.