Client of the Month December 2018

This month’s client of the month, and the last one for 2018 is……………….. Dana

Dana is an absolute workhorse at every training session. She always puts in 100% and pushes herself to the limits. Never one to take it easy in a session, she always does more than I ask….

In addition, she has absolutely smashed the recent chin up challenge, starting with just 4 reps and ending up being able to push out an incredible 22 chin ups in just 30 days. Way to go Dana!!!!

Her next goal is to do as many pull ups as she can for the rest of December. She's kicking some goals there too!!!

On top of being so dedicated and focused with her training Dana always makes time to both help others and encourage others in every session she comes to– she’s an integral part of our Early bird and Mums on the run classes!

Finally, Dana has also supported me by recommending IHSF to others and some of her referrals have started training with me – expanding our little community to include more people who like some fun with their fitness.

Well done Dana – you are December client of the month and an absolute star. I bet you’re on Santa’s NICE list this year! Congrats 😊