Client of the Month November 2018

Despite making jokes about doing whatever she can to one day be client of the month, Koula has actually taken her own goal seriously! Koula has always been an absolute ray of sunshine in our classes and she brings so much fun and love to the groups, but during November she has increased her training regularity and has shifted her attitude - seriously!! 135 burpees in one class; in the days of old, Koula would do some of them while being pretty vocal about hating them. This month – Koula tells everyone to get on with it and to imagine how fit they’ll be from doing them! Nearly fainted when I heard this!

In addition to getting to class more regularly, Koula has increased her dumbbell weight, seriously put in maximum effort in every class and also improved her technique. Koula knows, and repeatedly tells me, how exercise is so important not only physically but also mentally. Koula – congratulations – you did it! Well deserved and well done!