It's time for a New challenge

We leapt into the New Year with my 30 Day Kickstart challenge that took place in Feb. Winter is approaching so I reckon it’s time for a new challenge!

21 Day Winter Warmer Challenge!

Commences:                     18th June

What is it?                          1 x 20-30 min workout each day for 21 days!

What do you need?       A desire to feel great, a set of dumbbells or a kettlebell and access to a device to watch videos


 Here’s what you get:

  • 21 x 20-30 min workouts - workouts provided daily in a video format telling you what to do with all exercises demonstrated! (modified versions too). I will be providing a workout each day for 21 days – the challenge is for you to complete 1 workout per day
  • 2 x healthy recipes each week.
  • 5 x top tips each week to keep you motivated and on track to be fit, healthy and strong
  • A private Facebook group where all videos, recipes and fitness related articles will be posted and where you can comment and share which will be a great way to stay connected and feel supported throughout the challenge with like-minded people (people who want to stay fit over the winter months) This will also keep you accountable.
  • My support and encouragement every step of the way.
  •  A separate video and list provided at the commencement of the challenge with a range of substitute exercises so whenever you have an exercise in a particular workout that you can't do, you can revert to the substitutes to choose something else.
  • A chance to win some great prizes along the way

All you will need to join the challenge is a desire to feel great, a phone / laptop or computer where you can access Facebook, a Kettlebell or set of Dumbbells! The workouts will consist of Kettle bell, Dumbbell and Body weight exercises.

**Early Bird Discount**

Cost of the challenge will be $99............ However!! Sign up and pay before 10th June and receive a special price of $69 which is a massive $30 saving!

PLUS as an extra BONUS receive 2 extra FREE weeks of workouts (6 in total for when I go away in July) . Just phone, message or email me to register!!!

Please share with your friends and family wherever they are - you don't have to be training with me to do this challenge - everything will be On Line, so you can do it anywhere!!!

This will be a great way to get and keep our bodies fit and healthy over the winter months.

I am looking forward to doing this challenge with you!

 P.S.  I can send payment details when you confirm your registration.  You can confirm interest or ask any questions in the form below.

Want to register or know more?

Contact me on 0418 566 624 or send me a message:

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