The top 5 tips to stay fit when travelling for work

Remember when you started out in your career and you would see more senior team members jetting off interstate for the day, or overseas to attend a major conference or to meet with clients and you couldn’t wait for it to be your turn to do the travelling because it looked so exciting and glamorous?  But reality can be harsh and 4am starts to get to the airport with a post-midnight return home, jet lag, packing and unpacking, and sightseeing that is restricted to the inside of your hotel room has led you to the realisation that work travel isn’t all that alluring after all!   The actual travel mixed with meetings and working over a meal can be exhausting and they can impact all those healthy habits you have established at home.  But you can stay on track with a little thought and planning so make sure you pack your workout gear because here are my top 5 personal and practical ways to stay healthy and fit when you are on the road

1. Is there a gym in the hotel?
Get online and check out your intended accommodation and choose one with a pool and/or gym if you can.  Most hotels provide access to some sort of fitness facilities so when you arrive make it a priority to know where they are and check them.

If there is no gym, there may be one close by that you can use so ask the concierge when you arrive what gym they would recommend and request they make an appointment for you.  When you get to the gym ask for a tour of their facilities and find out what short term memberships or causal access they have available. Your work may even cover any expenses.

2 No, gym?  No excuse!
If there is no gym, there is no excuse not to maintain your workout habits as you can use your own room as your workout space.

You can do body weight exercises like squats, push-ups, dips, lunges or crunches anywhere. Use a chair for dips, luggage for rows or your bed for stability core exercises. And you can run and jump in a small space to get the heart pumping. 

Think about packing a skipping rope or some resistance bands too – they don’t take up much space and are light enough to take anywhere. If you are not able to get to the gym – take the gym with you.

3. Go walking as much as possible
Whenever possible, walk!  Try to move as much as you can instead of driving and catching a taxi. Put the laptop in your backpack for some added load to the legs.  Take the stairs instead of the lifts or escalators and try to take regular breaks with a brisk walk to reinvigorate your body and clear your head.

If you have the chance after a long day, a power walk is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and also to see some of the sights of where you are staying.

4. First things first
Days are jam packed when you travel for work and you are usually on the go from first thing in the morning till late in the evening. Then you probably have a dinner or some entertaining to do before you finally get to your room and crash before repeating the experience the next day.  Where can you possibly find the time or energy to whip out a quick training session?

Well do it first thing – before your body even realises what is happening. Training as a priority in the morning has many pluses but the key fact is that it energises your body and gets you better prepared for whatever is planned for your day. 

Follow up your morning workout with a healthy and satisfying breakfast and you have all the fuel you need to charge through the day.

5. Find a friend
Training on your own can sometimes be hard so if you are travelling with others, co-ordinate yourselves to train together to help you stay focused and motivated. Two is always better than one – even better if you find someone who is that little bit faster or stronger than you to make you go a little harder than what you are used to. This will make it easier to stick to those healthy habits and ensure you stay in shape during your travels.

So, there are no excuses. 5 simple tips to staying fit when travelling!  Good luck.