Client of the Month May 2019


Debbie is a workhorse! She is so committed to her training and makes looking after herself a priority, even with a mum to care for, grandkid babysitting duties and working!

Debbie does 3 early bird sessions, a strength class, Pilates and run club every week! She is always consistent and she puts in 100% at every class. She is fit, strong and funny! She makes such a wonderful contribution to our fitness community and is an absolute delight to have around. She was an active participant in the 2014 Bali Fitness Adventure and the 2018 Borneo Fitness Adventure (where she drank a lot of cocktails in true fitness adventure style 😊) and she is a regular attendee at our occasional events and activities as well.

In addition to her normal training regime, Debbie recently completed the Wings for Life charity fun run and did the 10km MS Fun Run yesterday! And of course smashed it in true style.

Debbie is the very well deserving May 2019 Client of the Month!