5 Tips to Better Posture

Poor posture can wreak havoc on your health. Seems an extreme thing to say about slouching but the stress that it adds to your spine increases the strain on the bones, muscles and joints that actually hold your backbone in place. From there it is all downhill as that lazy slouch is going to become habit and overtime it will result in pain in your back, neck, jaw, throw off your balance as one side becomes tight and the other loose which affects your bio-metrics, impacts your digestive respiratory systems as you impact your rib sand internal organs. And the list goes on!

So, I have 5 quick tips to improving your posture so you can stand tall and avoid all of the above issues!

1. Get Moving

If you have to sit at a desk for an extended period, make sure you allocate regular time to actually getting up and moving around. Be aware of resetting your posture by pulling your shoulders back, lift your head, stretch up, stretch out your legs and hips. Not only will you feel more comfortable when you sit back down, you’re more likely to feel more refreshed and be able to think more clearly!

2. Pilates for your posture

It’s no coincidence that I’ve just added Pilates into our group training schedule. Working on your core stability, posture, flexibility, strength, breathing and movement control – Pilates does it all. Cardio and weight bearing exercise are extremely important but adding Pilates to your repertoire is the cherry on top that will bring it all together and help you maintain a great posture.

If you would like to give Pilates a try, give me a call to book in. In House holds a session each Tuesday evening at 6.45pm.

3. Please be seated…properly

Be really aware of how you sit at the desk, dinner table, on the couch. Try to keep your back straight with your knees and hips level. Crossing your legs puts your hips out of alignment so keep your feet flat on the ground. Think about a foot rest to keep your hips and knees level and a lumbar support pillow to give your lower back support if you do find yourself seated for long periods. Headsets for those who use a phone a lot are an absolute neck saver. Standing desks have come down in price considerably and they can make a major difference to those that are desk bound!

4. Backpackers are not just for tourists

Back in the day, it was only young holiday makers who trooped around with backpacks whilst wearing socks with their sandals. Socks with sandals will never be a thing as far as I am concerned but backpacks are for everyone now! They distribute weight more evenly taking the strain off of your back and across your shoulders thereby reducing the risk of longer term issues with posture and associated pain.

5. Bend your knees

Whether you only have to lift the weekly shopping, small humans or large items as part of your work, you need to maintain good lifting posture. Bend your knees and not your back. Keep the item, or person, being lifted close to your body and avoid twisting or turning. You will reduce strain and limit injury to your lower back.

So, 5 quick tips to improving your posture and protecting your back. It’s not hard and it will make the world of difference to our health!