3 Ways to look after your Mental Health

There is significant media coverage about the state of Mental Health in Australia. With good reason as mental illness affects 4 million Australians and our health services are not always able to cope with the limited resources available. For many, support from a GP and specialist mental health providers is an absolute requirement as medical intervention and support is a vital necessity.

For those with without major concerns around our mental health, we still need to proactively manage this area of our lives as it can make a huge difference in terms of maintaining a positive and healthy outlook on life so we can better manage the stresses that daily life can present. Everyone faces challenges and there aren’t always simple solutions, but below are three quick tips that can help you look after and improve your mental health.

Do things you love and keep active and healthy 
Being actively involved in your community and having a sense of purpose in your life, such as working in a job you enjoy, studying or volunteering, have all been shown to boost people’s feelings of well-being including regular exercise, a healthy diet, good-quality sleep and regular participation in enjoyable activities will also improve mental health.

Be social
Connecting with others - friends, family co-workers and people in your community is very important!

Know that struggling is not a sign of weakness. 
We all have good and bad days – and occasionally, we all need someone to lean on. Tough times are an inevitable part of life, but nobody needs to go through difficulties on their own. Talk to someone. It may be hard to open up, but talking to someone you trust about your worries may provide a sense of relief and may be the first step towards recovery. That trusted person could be a friend, family member, workmate or your GP.

But most of all, be kind to yourself!