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Class Outlines

AMRAP - Working individually or sometimes in pairs or teams, you will do 'As Many Rounds as Possible’ or reps. Exercises  change every class so no getting bored here! You can work as hard as you like. A variety of strength, cardio and core exercises means you get a full body workout every time.

Body Blast - Just like early bird classes, this class is a mixed bag and you never know what’s in store. There could be games, competitions, partner workouts or you working on your own. You might use dumbbells and medicine balls or just body weight. One thing is for sure, you’ll work hard, have fun, and there will almost always be burpees

Boxing - Working with a partner (no need to bring your own ), you will spend half the class punching and the other half mitting – you will improve your core, balance, strength and cardio fitness, and enjoy venting your frustrations too! A popular class due to the excellent boxing tracks and range of boxing drills which change every week.

Cardio Core - Exactly as it sounds – this class is all about cardio and core. Cardio exercises interspersed with core exercises gets your heart rate up and your six pack under development! A class that makes you sweat!

Circuit - A nice way to ease into your weekend, circuit class is a range of exercises set up circuit style that gives you an all over body workout. A bit more of a social class where people love a chat, you can work as hard as you want and really push it, or you can ease into the weekend with a nice workout that gets your heart rate up.

Run Club - Running helps you clear the mind and feel good. No matter what your fitness level, I will teach you how to run and you can go at your own pace.

People who had never run before are now knocking out 5km and 10km fun runs. Some even joined me to do our own half marathon challenge (21kms)!

Strength - Strength classes use a range of weights which could include dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and body weight, to focus on building strength in key muscle groups. Heaps of variety and every class is different – Pump, Tabata, partner workouts etc. Start on light weights and see how quickly you build your strength!

Unlimited classes for $55 per week

In House Studio Fitness offers a variety of weekly  several classes that cater to everybody’s interests and fitness goals. 

We run early bird sessions three times a week at 6am plus a variety of other evening classes that provide a full body workout including cardio, strength and core. 

You can try before you buy, with all classes free for one week. 

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