What my clients say...

I LOVE In House Studio Fitness, it’s literally my second home. Cath is an incredible trainer and has helped me to achieve so much with my weight loss and fitness journey – 75kg down!
— Eleni
I love the variety that Cath puts into a class. Even though I do the same classes each week I never know what to expect as Cath always has something different for us and she always caters for every fitness level without fuss! I would highly recommend coming along to try a few classes with Cath as you will not be disappointed.
— Julie
There are some people in this world that love to exercise. I’m not one of them. So when the alarm goes off at 5:15am...snooze, alarm 5:25am...snooze. I hear the familiar voice - ‘I don’t want to do this.’ 5:35am final alarm call. I jump out of bed (well, more like roll), get dressed and take the butt I want to achieve to training. Training begins and the familiar voice comes back ‘I really don’t want to do this.” After training I hear the voice again - ‘I’m so glad I did this.” I met Cath nearly 4 years ago and needless to say life hasn’t been the same. Cath has supported and encouraged me to develop a genuine ‘like’ for exercise. Cath is a well-informed and passionate trainer who loves not only training but also her clients and their well-being. She goes above and beyond. In House Studio Fitness fosters a warm, caring environment where you work hard and have fun with a few laughs along the way (ok, more than a few). So why do I workout? I workout for my well being, confidence, strength, health, weight control, stress relief and happiness. I enjoy the feeling after my workouts and the feeling of a sense of accomplishment. Thank you Cath for all that you do!
— Koula
I was a mid-40’s female couch potato who hadn’t trained a day in her life and wanting to lose 8kgs and improve my fitness. I inevitably found Cath at In House Studio Fitness where after 3 years I am training 4 nights a week and feeling fantastic. Cath also has a run club which I joined never ran a day in my life now I have run a half marathon and running every week I am so proud of what Cath has helped me achieve.
I am achieving my goals and it is due to the wonderful inspiration and encouragement Cath gives me in every training session. I can’t thank her enough.
— Natalie

Fat Loss Challenge

I have been part of fat loss challenges in the past and I would have to say that this has been the best and easiest one. The ongoing support via our Facebook group and meetings really made it easy to keep up the motivation. My favourite thing about this challenge has been the booklet we were given, it was informative and so easy to pick from the different food groups to make meals - even being Vegan.
Even after finishing the challenge, it has been so easy to stay motivated to keep going. I have lost 5kgs, 6cm off my hips and 2cm off my waist.
— Josie Mascucci
I have tried many different weightless programs where I have lost weight only to put it straight back on. I have found this program to be easy but more importantly sustainable. The range of food is great and I never once went hungry. Eating 3 good meals a day I never looked for snacks in between meals. Over the 6 week period I list approximately 5kgs and cm of my waist and hips. It was great to be able to check into the Facebook page and see how everyone was going, seek advice and share recipes. I am still following this program with great success.
— Kerrie McDonald