Learn how to eat well & lose fat

Our 6 week Fat Loss Program  is all about giving you strategies and information to help you learn:

  • What to eat

  • How to eat

  • How to make your body function better for overall health improvement and fat loss.

Best of all, this program is available to commence at any time.  So if you are ready to make a change to your eating habits and feel better, you can start immediately.  


We promise a balanced, sensible approach to eating well for life!


Our 6 Week Fat Loss Program is...

  • Not a fad diet

  • Not calorie or points counting

  • Not a supplement program

  • Not liquid meals

  • Not starving yourself

  • Not a gimmicky way for you to spend your money and get no results


What you get

  • An initial consultation to learn about the program, get weighed and measured.

  • My Eat, Move Live Nutritional Plan, containing lists of foods to eat,those to eat with caution, and foods to avoid. The guide includes recipes and tips.

  • Information on what we’re doing, and why. All backed by scientific evidence.

  • Regular follow ups from me, to help keep you motivated and stay on track.

  • Membership to a private Facebook Group of like-minded people working together to support each other.

  • Support and motivation from me anytime you need it!

Get back in control of your body! Follow the In House Studio Fitness plan, which is easy and realistic and you WILL lose fat.

Get results in 6 weeks or get a money back guarantee! 

Cath’s “Eat, Move, Live Nutritional Plan” 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge was the motivation I needed to begin eating healthier and hopefully lose some weight.
I was really impressed by the support that was available from Cath in person and via the private Facebook site set up for all on the program. I loved seeing ideas and photos of meals prepared by fellow challengers and support for each other.
I am really happy with my results; a weight loss of 6kg and I’m endeavouring to keep on with the program as a healthier way of life.
I highly recommend Cath’s 6 Week Fat Loss Challenge!
— Leanne Fraser
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