What are you really made of?

Sick of the scales only telling you a part of the story? Want to know what your body is REALLY made of?

Register to get a Body Composition Scan to get the full picture!

Our Body scan will tell you

  1. Muscle content

  2. Fat content

  3. Bone density

  4. Water content

  5. Body balance

  6. Metabolic rate and more.

What you get

Body scan score sheet.png
  • A comprehensive analysis of your body including weight, fat and muscle content, water content, metabolic rate, bone density and more.

  • A detailed one page report, along with a 10 page interpretation guide for you to take home.

  • Information that will help you plan your next steps in achieving your overall health and well-being.

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Next Scan: Saturday 16th March 2019

Price: $50     Time: 9.30am 

Where: In House Studio Fitness

73 Kambara Drive, Mulgrave 3170


Want to know more?

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