Registrations Open: November Bootcamp

In House Studio Fitness Bootcamp is the quickest, easiest and most fun way to jump start your fitness regime.

We are now accepting registrations for our 14 November intake. Are you ready to take the challenge before the festive season hits?

Bootcamp is held three times a week over a 5 week period. Each session is different and gradually builds your strength, stamina and fitness level. You will see guaranteed results in just 5 weeks!


Want to know what you're really made of?

In House Studio Fitness hold a series of body composition scans each year. Getting a body scan takes a few minutes and the information that it provides you is priceless!

The body scan provided here at In House Studio Fitness, provides you with a detailed report on your body. It includes details such as your body fat, bone density, water and muscle content.

So many people are only focused on their weight alone however the body scan provides you with a holistic view of your body. For me, it gives me a true picture of where you’re at  with your fitness and provides a starting point to help plan what we need to do to get you the outcomes you want and need.

“  You cannot out train a bad diet. Good nutrition will always get you better results.”

I certainly agree with this quote from one of our body scan participants and am here to help with my healthy nutrition plan to get you kick-started.

My next body scan will be held on Saturday 19 November. Email me to register your interest. It only costs $50.